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A lot of fish have lips that are extremely big and stand out. This trait has changed over time in fish that live in both freshwater and sea, as well as in a wide range of climates.

The study of fish is specialized by ichthyologists. A lot of ideas have been put forward about why fish might have grown big lips over time. Some people think that fish with bigger lips can hunt or find food more easily than fish with smaller lips that live in the same area.

Some people believe that fish with big lips can scare off predators. Still others believe that fish with bigger lips use them to find mates. It’s possible that all of these ideas are true.



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Fish Illustrations
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The pacu is another well-known fish with big lips. In the same family as the piranha, this animal lives. It comes from tropical seas in South America as well. But it has been brought to other parts of the world, and in some, like New Guinea, it has become a real problem and pushed out native fish species.

The pacu is linked to the piranha, but it doesn’t eat meat. Instead, it eats plants that grow in rivers. The pacu can get much bigger than the piranha. It can grow to be at least 3 feet long and weigh close to 100 pounds.

3. KOI

Colorful koi fishes swimming together

Some people think koi are big goldfish, but they are actually a type of carp. They are generally very colorful, unlike many types of carp, and are popular fish for aquariums and ponds outside. It’s easy to take care of these fish, and they can live a very long time. They can eat almost anything.


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Like the grouper, the sweetlips fish is a species. In the Indian Ocean, it lives in the warm water and coral islands.

The sweetlips fish can get over two feet long and four pounds heavy. It comes in many types, some with lines or spots that stand out.

They are hard to keep as pets, so you don’t see them in tanks very often. Most of the time, they eat crabs, bugs, and worms.


bluestripe snapper fishes in close up photography
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There are reefs in the tropical seas where the paddletail snapper lives. This fish has bright black and red spots on it, and its lips are pretty big. Small sea creatures like worms, shrimp, crabs, octopuses, and other smaller fish are what this fish with a big mouth eats.


white giant gourami fish in water
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Gouramis are Asian fish that live in fresh water. They live in shallow water that flows slowly or doesn’t move at all. Gouramis often “kiss” each other because their lips are so big. The two fish are facing each other and are eating each other. This strange behavior can happen when the fish are fighting or when they are trying to mate.

Gouramis can get pretty big; some have been seen getting to be over a foot long. The majority of them are shiny green, but there is an albino type that can be bought for aquariums.

The gourami has a strange adaptation called a labyrinth organ. This part of the fish works like a lung and lets it breathe through its mouth when it’s above the water. The gourami’s labyrinth organ lets it breathe and stay alive in places that might not have enough air otherwise.


close up shot of red bellied piranha underwater
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The piranha is one of several species in the Serrasalmidae family that have big lips. It is probably the most well-known fish with big lips. Pirhana are tropical fish that live in fresh water in rivers in South America, like the Amazon.

The name “piranha” comes from the Tupi words “pira” and “nya,” which both mean “biting fish.” The name fits because piranhas have very strong mouths with twenty or more very sharp teeth. PIRASHAS have big muscles that control their jaw, which lets them bite very hard.

On top of having a strong mouth and teeth that can really bite, piranhas have very big lips. Due to its aggressive feeding habits and huge teeth, the piranha has a scary image as a predator. The black piranha and the red-bellied piranha are two types of piranha that are known for being very violent.

Even though it has a bad image, it is a very popular aquarium fish. Some kinds of piranhas can get up to a foot long in pools. The piranha is very hungry in the wild, but it doesn’t usually bite people.


fresh water fish in close up photography
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Angelfish that live in fresh water belong to three different species: Pterophylum leopoldi, Pterophylum altum, and Pterophylum scalare. All three species come from the Amazon River and the rivers that flow into it. The mouths of all three species have big lips compared to their bodies, and the tips on their mouths look like beaks.

An angelfish is a very colorful fish that is popular for aquariums because it is easy to care for and grow. One strange thing about growing freshwater angelfish is that they stick together forever.

The fish that is still alive will not breed with any other angelfish that is put in the tank to replace the one that died or was taken out.

Biologists put them in a different group than sea angelfish because they are not related to them.

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